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I have experience of teaching one-to-one sessions, in person and via the internet.

Private tuition gives you an unrivalled opportunity to improve your English. I’ll assess your English language skills, to establish what things you need to work on. Some students have a good knowledge of grammar but poor pronunciation. All students are different, with different requirements.

And all students have different aims. Maybe you want to pass your TRINITY exams, maybe you want to improve your pronunciation and vocabulary; perhaps you need to learn terms which you’ll use in your line of business. Whatever your requirements are, I’ll take those into account when I prepare your lessons.

Whilst I worked in Minsk, I gave private tuition to one of Belarus’s leading retail executives.

I’ve also given online tuition to a lady from Thailand who wanted to pass the IELTS A1 Life Skills exam.

You can rest assured you’ll receive a professional teaching, catered to your needs, if you sign up for private tuition with me.