Natural English is all about understanding how English is REALLY spoken.
 Try this tongue-twister.
 See how quickly you can say it! 
Another important feature of English is Idiom, such as the one below
I feel as hungry as a horse 
I could eat a horse !
He's as fit as a fiddle !
                                         Connected Speech 
Many students of English still find it difficult to understand native-speakers, because they 'speak too fast' .  
These are some of the reasons why it is difficult to understand native speakers :-
**        CATENATION
 here the end of one word joins the beginning of the next.   For example ' IS HE BUSY'  becomes 'IS-E BUSY?' or 'THIS ORANGE'  becomes  'THISORANGE'
**        INTRUSION 
 This is where when 2 words are spoken quickly, a second sound appears. 
 For example:-  'DO IT'  when spoken quickly becomes  'DO WIT' .  To make pronunciation easier a W sound appears in natural speech.   In the same way,  GO OUT becomes  GOWOUT
**         ELLISION 
 This is where a sound disappears.  For example  'NEXT DOOR'  becomes NEXDOOR, where the  T tends to disappear in natural speech.  Another example ' MOST COMMON' becomes  MOS-COMMON.
**         ASSIMILATION 
This is where two sounds blend together to form a new sound.   For example,  DON'T YOU becomes  DONCHOU, where the T and the Y sound together become a  'CH' sound.   In the same way 'DID YOU?'  becomes   DI-JU,  where the  D and the Y sound combine to become a 'J' sound. 


 This is only an introduction to natural speech, and I hope it hasn't confused!  If you would like to know more please enrol on one of my lessons

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