Learn new Vocabulary

English is a language which has a rich vocabulary, and most people only use a fraction of it's numerous words.

For example, there are so many words to describe how someone is speaking:


            VERB    -                        LOUDNESS   -                         LIKELY MOOD

       to whisper                         very quiet                                  telling someone a secret/ or speak quietly  

      to murmur                         quiet                                          romantic or complaining

      to mumble                         quiet and unclear                  nervous 

      to mutter                            quiet                                          irritated/ angry/complaining

      to shout                               loud                                           angry or excited

      to scream                            loud                                          frightened (scared) or excited  

     to shriek                               loud and shrill (high-pitched)   frightened or amused

     to stutter                              neutral                                      nervous or excited

     to groan                              loud noise (with no words)   complaining or pain/pleasure


                      TYPES OF COMMUNICATION    

to boast  -   to say how good you are, or something you have.  'He is boasting about his house again'  Mood - proud 

   to insist -   to say with confidence and certainty.  ' I insist that I wasn't there' - Mood - determined 

  to object (to) - to say you don't agree with some action.  'I objected to them swearing.'  

 to threaten -  to say you will cause someone harm or violence.  Mood - aggressive

 to argue -  to have a difference of opinion.  'The children are always arguing.' 

 to admit (that) -   to say you made a mistake or did something wrong. ' After he failed the exam, he                                                     admitted  that he hadn't prepared for it'. 

 to beg --    to ask for something, in a servile or desperate manner.   'He was begging for food'  

 to grumble    -   to complain 'he grumbled about the the food'

 to moan  -     to complain about something where complaining won't change the situation.  'You are always                             moaning about the weather.' 

  And there are many more....
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