Do you want to improve your English?
A good knowledge of English can open so many doors in your life, whether you want to improve your job prospects, attend University in the UK, or meet the requirements of the UKVI.
English is the international language of business, science, commerce and the media.
Learning any language requires a lot of effort, and like all things there's a right way to do it and a way that will make your life more difficult. So that's where a good teacher comes in.
My name is Owen Carton. I'm a CELTA qualified English teacher with experience of teaching students at different levels from different nationalities and cultures. I have taught English in Eastern Europe and also in the UK to refugees and asylum seekers. I've taught highly qualified professionals (including doctors, lawyers and IT professionals)and also students with little formal education.
I also have experience in private tuition - Whilst in Belarus I gave tuition to one fo the founding directors of one of Belarus's largest retail companies. 
My aim is always to make my lessons as interesting as possible but I also want students to feel like they are making progress and learning new skills, new vocabulary and new grammar. I aim to create a good atmosphere in my classes, where everyone feels comfortable and confident enough to take part.

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